The aim of this WP is at identifying the current situation of districts across European cities related to energy efficiency, energy consumption patterns and policies associated. Based on the outputs of this WP, it will be established the main priorities to be covered by the proposal.

Objectives: To define the methodology to be used in the development of the activities; To identify the system requirement (i.e. functional as well as usability, integration etc. requirements) that will drive the architectural work....

The aim of this work package is to develop model based simulation tools for performance analysis and modelling through energy saving procedures of energy district.

The challenge of this work-package is to create an ICT service platform as knowledge-based energy management framework to provide support from energy monitoring and consumption analysis to energy efficiency and renewable integration business models.

The aim of this work package is to develop the top level and output component of the ICT platform. On the basis of the methodology and use cases defined in WP2, this layer is in charge of merging the data coming from WP1 and the outcomes of components designed in WP3 and WP4 to provide results usable for three classes of users:

The main objective of this WP is to perform the first integration test of the DAREED platform before the implementation of real pilots. This requires having a first adequate set of data that will allow test the operation of the system and make the first usability tests to validate the adequacy of the system.

The main objective is to develop a demonstrator using the developed functional prototypes to validate the whole concepts as well as the integration interfaces developed in WP 6.

This WP deals with Project image promotion and dissemination both within the EC itself (i.e. promoting the adoption of the DAREED methodology and approach when gauging the relative merits and successes of each individual project) and outside to the scientific, industrial and academic communities as well as to the practitioners and general public; to this extent, the activities have been structured as follows.

Perform the management activities required for the organization and the management of the project. The package will administratively support the technological and validation work of the project throughout its whole duration. The major objectives are:

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