12 de diciembre del 2013 - 17:19

WP 5. Decision Support and Energy Awareness Tools.

The aim of this work package is to develop the top level and output component of the ICT platform. On the basis of the methodology and use cases defined in WP2, this layer is in charge of merging the data coming from WP1 and the outcomes of components designed in WP3 and WP4 to provide results usable for three classes of users:


  • Citizens
  • Energy providers
  • Policy makers

Concerning citizens, WP5 will produce a component for increasing the energy awareness in end users, for engaging them in the adoption of best-practices and in showing through visualization techniques their energy consumptions/production.

Concerning energy providers, WP5 will provide a decision making layer merging results from energy budding services, demand aggregation, active demand management and consumption analysis to come up with a set of user-aware business models that are on one side economically sustainable and on the other side environmentally friendly promoting good practices.

Finally, as policy makers are concerned, WP5 will aid them defining energy policies tailored on the district/building scale and compatible with user behaviours and business models.

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