30 de noviembre del 2016 - 10:51

DAREED Workshop for San Luis tenants

On 15th November a workshop was held in the Emvisesa housing project in San Luis Street (Seville), where both Isotrol and CEMS were present to display the DAREED platform to tenants of the monitored homes, part of the piloting plan currently underway.

During this meeting the platform and several tools were shown. The main focus was the excessive consumption of energy and several use cases to reduce it would be very useful to citizens.

The first use case was the process to enter the platform and the comparison of the consuymption data of a home with the district averages, raising awareness in users and engaging them for further contribution in efficient usage of their facilities, in order to lower CO2 emissions. Secondly, the platform was shown as a direct communication channel between citizens, policy makers and providers that enables the direct publication of proposals for refurbishment in their homes and answers from providers. Emvisesa (part of CEMS) encouraged neighbours to make proposals for building reforms and refurbishments.

Attendants showed interest in the platform and expressed their wishes for DAREED to keep working in the foreseeable future.

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