04 de noviembre del 2016 - 14:31

Casco Antiguo Citizens meet DAREED at San Luis Sports Centre

DAREED displayed live for users of a monitored building

On 2nd November Isotrol and CEMS partners were involved in a dissemination activity for Casco Antiguo residents. A stand was set up and several users of the sports facility were able to sign up on the platform and add their homes. They could experience directly DAREED's look and feel and several examples of use were shown to expose how they could benefit from energy bill savings, carbon dioxide reduction and direct contact with providers for refurbishments and reforms.



DAREED enables citizens to track more effectively their energy consumption and the efficiency of their entire district, which interested deeply the new members. Posters were left with information on the DAREED website for morning and afternoon users of the facility in order to let them know more about the project.

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