24 de octubre del 2016 - 09:13

DAREED Integrators Workshop

From now on, Seville citizens have the possibility to use the Marketplace for requesting offers to monitor buildings and get the maximum functionality out of DAREED.

Seville citizens now have the possibility to monitor their home energy consumption, thanks to the participation in DAREED as Providers of Adevice, Ingeniería y Control SL and Sidoin. They offer competitively priced monitoring devices that enhance the DAREED platform's functionality.

On 14th October 2016 representatives from platform integrators Ingeniería y Control SL, Sidoin and Adevice assisted to the Workshop for providers held in the Isotrol facilities in Seville. DAREED increases thus the number of active platform users. The new participants have shown their interest in supporting all DAREED users interested in monitoring their homes. They will publish offers through the Marketplace tool, a direct channel that gets Citizens and Providers in contact. Besides, they will actively participate in the monitoring proposal for the facilities that are already present in DAREED but are still unmonitored. This enables Seville citizens to have their homes monitored by contacting directly these providers, making possible the substantial reduction of energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions.

José Pablo Sánchez and Estefanía de Osma hosted the event and were available to explain the most interesting use cases for energy providers. There was also a round of Questions and Answers to close the meeting.

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