03 de octubre del 2016 - 17:40

Open call for Participation in the First Workshop on Energy Data Analytics for Green and Sustainable Society

DAREED invites you to share your project and creative endeavours for green and sustainable society with your colleagues at the DAREED workshop!

On 23rd November a DAREED Workshop will take place in [venue]. We will show you how to use DAREED via a hands-on experience where you will personally use the platform and experience what it can give you. To sign up you can click here and fill out the form. We are waiting for your participation!

Purpose and aims

Energy systems are a foundation of the modern IT world and they're in a period of significant transition. These systems include electricity, transportation, industry, residential and commercial buildings, and energy markets. Many are connected by and produce vast quantities of data that are capable of revealing insights about performance and energy use. These insights may remain undiscovered until we translate those data and apply them in practical ways by using energy data analytics to unlock their potential.

It is very important then for scholars, research groups, project groups, and related stakeholders to share the innovative approach and idea for efficient utilisation of energy data. To this end, the DAREED project invites project and research presentation to this workshop. DAREED is framed within energy efficiency for Smart Cities of the Seventh EU Framework Programme. The European Commission fosters projects focused in objectives of a low carbon economy by year 2020 through the integration and validation of ICT technologies and services in neighbourhoods.

Topics of presentation

Include but are not limited to:

  • Data Analytics for Energy Data
  • Smart Meter and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Low-Carbon Energy Supply Systems for Buildings and Neighbourhoods
  • Energy efficiency in transportation logistics
  • Operational Research and ICT for Energy Efficient Data Centres

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: [DEADLINE]
  • Acceptance Notification: [DATE of ACCEPTANCE] (a limited number of poster spaces and presentation slots)
  • Workshop date: 23rd November 2016
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