16 de septiembre del 2016 - 11:19

DAREED for Policy Makers

Request your account now and discover DAREED and its benefits.

DAREED platform is now available within the framework of the demo period. Go in on and request for an account as policy maker in one of the districts available and check the different benefits DAREED can provide you.

-Request for an account by the email provided in the platform and DAREED team will contact you as soon as possible.

-When you receive your credentials, log in and feel free to use the platform. It offers you:

  • Council buildings management: access to consumption forecasts, see history, see the emissions, and the deviation of consumption compared with the buildings by category and activity
  • District KPI's control and management
  • Transparency: DAREED work as a key tool to open the district policies to the citizens making them aware of the decisions taken and part of the solutions
  • Main actors knowledge: link centre between Citizens, Policy Makers and Energy/Services Suppliers
  • Energy and CO2 policy impact simulation: study the viability and the effects (e.g. reduction CO2 emissions) in the districts when adding or modifying the District Renewable Production
  • Direct interaction with citizens and energy providers
  • Active CO2 demand management: by a communication mechanism with citizens for consumption reduction at specific times, an effective way to mitigate these episodes of contamination.
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