16 de septiembre del 2016 - 11:14

DAREED for Citizens

Request your account now and discover DAREED and its benefits.

DAREED platform is now available within the framework of the demo period. Go in on and request for an account as citizen in one of the districts available and check the different benefits DAREED can provide you.

- Create your account. In one step you can have direct access to the platform!

- Log in and feel free to use the platform. It offers you:

  • Energy Bill analysis
  • Energy saving tips
  • Customised solutions to improve yor energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy installation simulator. Study the best option if you are interested in renewable investment
  • Direct contact with energy providers to obtain the best offers
  • Direct contact with policies applied in your districts and new initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Access to Incentives programme where you can get discounts and offers by participating in events of energy consumption reduction
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