29 de junio del 2016 - 11:42

D3.4 Model based Simulation tool for evaluation of district performance

Type: Report

Scope: Public

Delivery Date: M26

Leader: CETMA

This deliverable describes the architecture of the energy performance simulation tool and its different components. The starting point is to model the district energetic behaviors using a bottom-up approach, that will combine simulation data of single energy units with specific parameters that defines the district characterization. In order to be able to characterize the energy units available in the district, users will be asked to provide some information to generate the models required for the Simulation Tool.

The user will be asked to enter the geometrical information by means of a GIS based solution, that also provides the location for the building. The rest of user input data that are required are asked with a visual questionnaire interface. Therefore, a district characterization in terms of model and parameters will be described and defined in order to develop the energy performance simulation tool. In the end, to assess district performance, a set of indicators will be calculated.

The document is available to download by clicking on the following link.

Download deliverable D3.4

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